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Wake-Ups caffeine tablets have been around since 1951 — and they’ve always been made right here
in Canada. Today, we work with GMP-certified manufacturers in Manitoba and Quebec, both of which
meet Health Canada’s strict requirements. We’re a little different from most supplement companies in that
we insist on third-party testing of our caffeine tablets by an independent lab — one audited by both Health
Canada and the FDA in the United States. It’s an extra step, but it’s important. Why? Because it’s what people
who put their trust in us expect, whether they’re Olympians or everyday heroes.

Own Your Day

At Wake-Ups, we have one goal: helping people to be their best in everything they do. We believe with the right
amount of focus, drive, and energy, there are no limits to what we can achieve. So whether you're looking for
an athletic-grade ergogenic or a convenient and zero-calorie caffeine alternative, Wake-Ups will ensure you get
the job done, whatever it may be. The Rooster is always in your corner, pushing you to do better, be more productive,
and never settle for second best

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We want people to own their day. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Even spiritually. It’s time to meet your better, sharper self.