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How much caffeine is in Wake-Ups?

Regular strength Wake-Ups contain 100mg of caffeine—about as much as an 8-ounce cup of coffee. If you need an extra boost, we have 200mg Wake-Ups tablets.

How are Wake-Ups different than coffee or energy drinks?

Side effects of daily coffee include: A full bladder, an empty wallet, and an annoying wait in line. And don't even get us started on the filler and additives in sugary energy drinks.

We're coffee without the frills. 100mg of caffeine - nothing less, nothing more.

When can I use Wake-Ups?

Whenever you need to stay alert. Like when Drowsiness shows up at your door unannounced and wants to hang out. No, Drowsiness. Go away. We aren’t friends.

Are Wake-Ups Organic?

Wake-Ups are not organic. But they don’t contain chemical fertilizers or pesticides like 90% of the world’s coffee.

Are Wake-Ups third-party tested?

Yes, Wake-Ups undergo third-party testing from Nucro Technics lab to ensure each product complies with Health Canada standards.

Why are Wake-Ups better than other caffeine tablets?

Because we’ve been around since 1951. And we have a Rooster.

Can anyone take Wake-Ups?

Wake-Ups are not for kids, and they shouldn't be taken if you're pregnant or breastfeeding. 

What are the benefits of caffeine?

Caffeine is a trusted ergogenic aid for providing a boost when you need it most. It also ensures Drowsiness is not invited to your birthday party.

Are Wake-Ups grown on a farm?

We get this question a lot (maybe it’s the Rooster?). The answer is no. Wake-Ups are not grown on a farm. They’re made by a Health Canada-approved manufacturer.