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Wake-Ups Roster

From varsity stadiums to Olympic arena's, athlete's Trust the Rooster for focus and alertness, endurance, and enhanced cognitive and motor performance.

Sam Pedlow

Team Canada Beach Volleyball Player, Registered Physiotherapist

Being focused and consistent is key to me. I constantly strive toward being the best version of myself, conquering new goals, and it shows in my performance. It’s not all beach sun & fun though, frequent traveling can be exhausting, and playing among the top international athletes doesn’t give me much time to loosen up. Wake-Ups help me to stay sharp and bring my A game whenever I need it most. Having my eyes on Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it is paramount I stay committed and can trust my performance.

Check out Sam at @pedlowsamuel and on his website  

Dominika Jamnicky

Professional Triathlete

Wake-Ups is my secret weapon to tackling a busy regime. I am working hard towards the Olympic qualification for Tokyo 2020 and race both in Canada and internationally. I am an avid hiker and mountain biker, and also devote a lot of my time to training the Guelph Development Squad where I mentor and coach young Canadian athletes. Having obtained a Biomedical Science degree from the University of Guelph, I am returning to school this fall adding another task to my already packed schedule. I appreciate that I can always count on Wake-Ups to elevate my daily performance environment.

Check out Dominika at @dominkajamnicky

Erica Gavel

Paralympic Athlete, Team Canada Wheelchair Basketball Player

Basketball is my life-long passion and representing Team Canada at the highest level comes with a great responsibility. Now preparing for my second Paralympic Games it requires extra focus and concentration. Wake-Ups is a game-changer that keeps me going throughout my intense training schedule, frequent travelling and master’s studies in exercise physiology (I certainly deserve a joint degree in multitasking as well). As an athlete and a student, I need to make sure I stay physically and mentally alert regardless of the challenges.  

Check out Erica at @gavelerica

Alison Levine

Paralympic Athlete, Team Canada Boccia Player

Boccia is a strategic sport that demands extreme precision, muscle control and concentration. I constantly have to be at the top of my game, both physically and mentally. Wake-Ups give me the necessary kick to get through those extra-long training and game days that come along with competing both individually and in a team at the highest international level. Every single day I keep pushing through the barriers, and now when preparing for Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, I appreciate having a safe energy fix trusted by other athletes.  

Check out Alison at @bocciaalison and on her website 

Jennifer "JJ" Hawkrigg

Canada Snowboard Development Team

I'm working towards the 2018 PyeongChang games and currently compete in Parallel Slalom events throughout North America and internationally. The road to the Olympics is long and arduous, with early mornings, cold conditions, and hours of jet-lag from chasing winter weather across the globe. With over 30 flights logged each season, my training schedule can be grueling. Wake-Ups give me that extra boost of energy I need on and off the hill. They keep me going and help me bounce back after competitions.

Check out JJ at @jjhawkrigg and on her website

Julian Romano

University of Toronto Varsity Blues Football Team

As a defensive lineman, it’s paramount that I maintain speed and agility while building muscle mass (and beard mass). As a kinesiology student, I’m wary of everything that goes into my body, and how it affects my speed, muscle mass, and cognitive functioning. Whether it’s football season or exam season, I need to be on top of my game. With Wake-Ups I’m measuring my caffeine intake to optimize performance both in the classroom and on the field. Additional sugar, unhealthy carbohydrates, additives, and unpleasant side effects are not an option. I want alertness without the gut-rut during the second quarter.