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Wake-Ups Roster

From varsity stadiums to Olympic arena's, athlete's Trust the Rooster for focus and alertness, endurance, and enhanced cognitive and motor performance.


Isabel Lahela

National Powerlifting Record Holder, Former Olympic Weightlifter

For me, fitness is a way of life - a total body and mind self-remedy. But when it’s time to perform, there is no room for error. After all, Canadian National Powerlifting Records aren’t going to hold themselves. That’s where Wake-Ups come in. Wake-Ups give me that extra competitive edge, pushing me through plateau’s, getting me back into the grind after a vacation and helping me get the most out of my training sessions without having to sacrifice my dietary goals.

Check out Isabel at @isabel.lahela

Jennifer "JJ" Hawkrigg

Canada Snowboard Development Team

I'm working towards the 2018 PyeongChang games and currently compete in Parallel Slalom events throughout North America and internationally. The road to the Olympics is long and arduous, with early mornings, cold conditions, and hours of jet-lag from chasing winter weather across the globe. With over 30 flights logged each season, my training schedule can be grueling. Wake-Ups give me that extra boost of energy I need on and off the hill. They keep me going and help me bounce back after competitions.

Check out JJ at @jjhawkrigg

Julian Romano

University of Toronto Varsity Blues Football Team

As a defensive lineman, it’s paramount that I maintain speed and agility while building muscle mass (and beard mass). As a kinesiology student, I’m wary of everything that goes into my body, and how it affects my speed, muscle mass, and cognitive functioning. Whether it’s football season or exam season, I need to be on top of my game. With Wake-Ups I’m measuring my caffeine intake to optimize performance both in the classroom and on the field. Additional sugar, unhealthy carbohydrates, additives, and unpleasant side effects are not an option. I want alertness without the gut-rut during the second quarter.